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"Futurestyle 79 offers a funny, off-the-cuff look at San Francisco's heyday."

"A good cast helps make this an enjoyable evening of improv."

"When improv works, it can generate a kind of giddy joy for both actors and audience... On the night I attended, the story totally worked."

Chris Jensen, SF Weekly


Writers and staff in front of the Future Style offices, San Francisco, CA, 1979. Photo by Daniel Sullivan

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lite Brite: A Colorful Array of Shining Light!

by Jeb Wilkerson

I usually don’t spend this much time playing with children’s toys. But, I must say, that I did just that with the Lite Brite.

It consists of a black peg holder, a white body with a light bulb in the center back, and a bunch of colored pegs. You can also get design paper that you snap onto the front, which gives you many fun designs to create.

This is a hit with the kids. But, as I mentioned earlier, it managed to entertain me for hours last night. I also found yet another, most likely unintended, use for this wonderful Lite Brite.

I do not have a green thumb. I am always under watering or over watering all of my house plants. As it turns out, I always forget to set the plants that require more sunlight outside during the day only to realize what I have done after the sun has gone to bed.

What I discovered is the following: If you hang your Lite Brite upside down from a hook above your plants, they receive the light that they would normally get during the day! I, in fact, love this idea so much I will be purchasing about 12 more Light Brights and will be making a Pilla Dundrum grow room in my basement!

Just think, San Francisco, the ability to grow your favorite house plants in the comfort of your own home, day or night! I see in the future many more applications for this, such as tomato plants and perhaps even squash!

Editor's Note: As of press time we were unable to determine what a "Pilla Dundrum" is, exactly. Therefore, the publishers of Future Style, its advertisers and the Hasbro Corporation disavow any knowledge of Mr. Wilkerson's extracurricular activities.

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