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"Futurestyle 79 offers a funny, off-the-cuff look at San Francisco's heyday."

"A good cast helps make this an enjoyable evening of improv."

"When improv works, it can generate a kind of giddy joy for both actors and audience... On the night I attended, the story totally worked."

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Writers and staff in front of the Future Style offices, San Francisco, CA, 1979. Photo by Daniel Sullivan

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Collins' Column: There's No Business Like Show Business

I just want to begin by saying how much fun our live events have been! The response has been great! Please join us one of these upcoming Wednesdays (Oct 6-Oct 27). You'll find more information by using one of the "links" above!

Speaking of "show biz": Future Style received a call from the producers of TV's People Are Talking this past Wednesday. They wanted our advice columnist, Cheryl-Lynn McAlister ("Listen, Sugar"), and one person from our staff (of her choosing) to appear on the show the following morning.

Needless to say, we were all pretty excited!

Then, a few hours later, they abruptly canceled her appearance and replaced her with John Travolta (who happened to be in town for some reason).

One could shrug one's shoulders and say "That's show biz, kid".

I, however, prefer to furrow my brow and say: "That's just rude, People Are Talking".

You threw away your chance to feature a great local talent from a great local magazine (that could use some publicity) to chit-chat with some flash-in-the-pan, Hollywood pretty boy who'll probably be back to bussing tables once his novelty wears off.

I should point out that I don't direct my ire at Ann Fraser or Ross McGowan- whom I consider blameless victims in all of this. They were just doing what their producers told them to.

Ann & Ross: Mere Pawns In Media Mishigas

(No offense intended, Mr. Travolta. To be fair, my wife, Cookie, thought you were just wonderful in The Boy In the Plastic Bubble a few years back. I thought the script was somewhat trite- but I guess I can't blame you for that. And we saw Grease. But, that was more for Sha Na Na being in it. And they were hardly in it! I know, I know- not your fault...)

The point is: movies & TV shows come and go. And sure, it's fun to talk about "pop culture" and your frothy, Hollywood hoo-ha. But, when people are hungry for real information & entertainment, they'll always go to back to words on a printed page.

Speaking of Sha Na Na: I met them at Woodstock! Remind me to tell you the story some time.

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