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"Futurestyle 79 offers a funny, off-the-cuff look at San Francisco's heyday."

"A good cast helps make this an enjoyable evening of improv."

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Writers and staff in front of the Future Style offices, San Francisco, CA, 1979. Photo by Daniel Sullivan

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Solar Eclipse: A Retrospective

by Jeb Wilkerson

Jeb Wilkerson is on assignment. We are reprinting one of his columns from earlier this year...

Hello, my fellow San Franciscans!

I love this city and even more than that I love science, technology, and the proliferation of truth.

What truth you ask? The truth of what goes on in the world around us. In this world there are many questions to be asked and the answers are out there my friends. Yes dare I say, the truth is out there!

In my last column, I told you about the upcoming total solar eclipse. In that article I spoke of the dangers and of the history of the solar eclipse. Well, the numbers are in and they are good. It looks as if old Jeb's advice was listened to and acted upon. There was not one case of blindness recorded in the entire US as a result of the eclipse.

O.K. There was one case. But, it involved a pitchfork. So, I honestly doubt it is related in any way shape or form. Unless, of course, it was the eclipse that caused the 32 year old man to drop said pitchfork. But, I digress.

On a more interesting note, the solar eclipse did end up casting a shadow that was 175 miles wide covering Oregon all the way up to North Dakota before moving on up to Canada. During this time, all of the states in-between were covered in a cloud of darkness. Certain sources have stated that for a bit of time it seemed as if some portions of the US went "off grid".

I have decided to head up my own investigation of this off-gridness. Any help you could provide would be of utmost importance. If you have any family that lives in-between North Dakota and Oregon that you could not get a hold of during the blackout, please send me a message as I would like to follow up with you.

Jeb Wilkerson may be contacted at

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