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"Futurestyle 79 offers a funny, off-the-cuff look at San Francisco's heyday."

"A good cast helps make this an enjoyable evening of improv."

"When improv works, it can generate a kind of giddy joy for both actors and audience... On the night I attended, the story totally worked."

Chris Jensen, SF Weekly


Writers and staff in front of the Future Style offices, San Francisco, CA, 1979. Photo by Daniel Sullivan

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Listen, Sugar

As an “award” winning author of romantic fiction, Cheryl-Lynn McAlister will answer letters from our readers to help them navigate through life and love at the end of the 70's...

Dear Cheryl-Lynn,

Last Saturday at the bar Lord Jim's, my boyfriend became quite upset when he noticed I was talking with the yummy new bartender over a double Cape Cod. He threatened to break up with me if I didn't stop flirting. Flirting is my form of self expression and I don't take it seriously, why should he?


Dear Gadfly,

Listen Sugar, your boyfriend is just responding to his natural urges to protect his perimeter. It's one thing to flex your flirt muscle when you're out with your girlfriends painting the town purple. It’s another when your steady paramour has a court-side seat to your antics and the score is love-love. Wouldn't it be worse if he was completely unfazed by your butterflying about? As my great grandma (for whom I was named) used to tell my grandmother. Dance with the one that brought ya!

XO- Cheryl Lynn

Dear Cheryl-Lynn,

Now that my husband works from home he’s become quite fond of leisurely “romance in the morning”, but with my hour plus commute I don't have time for more than a quickie before I run out the door with my instant coffee. How can I make him understand that sex in the morning is more of distraction that a pleasure?


Dear Rushing:

Listen Sugar, the do it yourself divorce is an example of our instant culture. Instant breakfast, instant coffee, instant pudding, well let me tell you, instant lovemaking is one of the reasons this country is in the shape it's in.

When I was a girl, my daddy built my mother a new kitchen. Slowly. By hand. My mother made every meal in that kitchen, from scratch. Now, based on the longevity of their relationship and the abundance and pulchritude of their progeny, I'm pretty sure they applied the same homemade ethos to the romantic side of their marriage. Really, sugar, if you're not careful divorce won't be your only do it yourself activity.


Dear Cheryl-Lynn,

My fiance is Hawaiian from the main island and I am Jewish from Long Island. Our families have finally gotten used to the idea of our marriage. But, now we can't decide on the menu for the reception. My mother insists on classic Jewish cuisine. My fiance is insistent on a luau with a roasted pig and pupu platter. What should we do?

Long Island Hula Girl

Dear Long Island,

Listen Sugar, I have one word for you two: Elope!

Aloha- OY!
XO- Cheryl Lynn

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